2Kalciema Quarter is a part of Riga city in crossroads of Kalnciema and Melnsila streets – one of the Riga’s medieval wooden architecture’s “three pillars”, a gateway from the airport to Riga. Kalnciema Quarter revival began in 2001 and now everyone can visit five restored wooden houses which surround small apple orchard. In buildings’ renovation, undertaken by the company “BC grupa” and done by Martins and Karlis Dambergi management, are used traditional materials and technologies, at the same time houses are adapted for rhythm and comfort of modern life. In a courtyard are located Wine shop, restaurant, design salon, many offices, managed by the architects, media specialists and other representatives of the creative industries.
Since the renovation this venue is home for a wide range of cultural activities: regular markets with products from local farmers and craftsmen, classical and popular music concerts, exhibitions, educational seminars, press conferences, dance classes, public activities and corporate events.
For event organization we offer for rent a Wine shop hall and veranda, where the wine shop is located, exhibition house, as well as the courtyard. If you are interested in take a look or rent one of these places, contact us!

St. Pater’s church has been constructed in 13th century. It is one of the oldest Gothic architecture in Eastern Europe. It has been restorated and made some changes on its looks many times due to depredations. It is visible from all around the Riga city. You can also take the elevator to see all Riga from the church’s tower which is favorite place of many tourists. To be continued…

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If you are looking for special present to give or looking for a special place to have unique party with your friends. In Riga, Party Buses are very popular and exclusive way to celebrate everything! You can find in a Party Bus, powerful sound system, beautiful interior and exterior lighting, several television, bar, dance floor, bathroom, wardrobe, much more than you can find in night clubs, because night clubs are not mobile! You can travel around the whole city while you are partying harder and harder. Mostly Party Bus has 20 seats. Food, dinner, drinks, shows and additional things are individual.

When you arrive the Riga the first thing catch your attention is Riga TV Tower. It has been built in 80s, its height is 368 meters which means 47 meters higher than Eiffel tower in Paris. In the winter season (1st of October – 14th of May) opening hours 10am – 5pm.In the summer season (15th of May – 30th of Sep) opening hours 10am – 8pm. For enterance fee for adults is 2,60 LVL, for pensioners 1,50 LVL, for children 0,80 LVL.The enterence professional filmmers need to pay 10 LVL. Individual visitors do not need booking.



Bastejkalns (Bastion Hill) is one of the most famous nice park which you can take a walk and have relax time by around of green grasses and canal with gondolas. It was created in 19th century. Bastion Hill is next to the Freedom Monument and Blaumanis sculpture. Bastion Hill park divides the city into two parts as Old Town and Central district. And it includes a canal which divide the park into two parts.
In 1991 people died in the park due to incidents of freedom for Latvia. It happened while the Soviet forces attacking to the building of interior ministiry of Latvia. In present, there are stones at the place those unfortunate event happened.


The Freedom Monument is the most famous statue in Riga which was unveiled in 1935. At the top of the statue, the woman holds three stars in her hands. Those three stars symbolize the three regions of Latvia.

Winds of nationalism in 19th century, Latvians who live in different regions decided that the all lands which Latvians live must be called Latvia.  That’s the reason why those three stars can be seen in everywhere.In the Soviet Union years the occupiers did not touch the Freedom of Monument because they knew that how important it is for the Latvians. Moreover, during the Soviet Unions’ years filming or taking photo of the Freedom Monument was forbidden. And they were telling another wrong story about the Freedom Monument to the Tourists like the woman represents the Mother Russia and the stars three Baltic countries. However that woman symbolizes the freedom facing to the west.Nowadays, the Freedom Monument is the most popular construction for the tourist in Baltic countries. It is expected to be among Eiffel Tower in Paris, Colosseum in Italy, Statue of Liberty in New York and so on.

Riga is one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltic countries with historic fabric, entertainment sector, attractive architectures. You can feel both early European trend with memory of Soviet years, this combination makes the city more exclusive than the others. For the tourists, the city consists of two parts such as new centre which you can walk around for shopping and find everything that you need and the Old Town which is full of historical places and authentic bars, clubs and restaurants by the river. If you want to internalize the whole culture of Riga with full of taste, the Old Town will be your second home. In the winter, the one of the most exciting places is Liv Square the place everyone is skating on the ice in company with lovely winter songs. You can also get some relax by taking a qalk in the Bastejkains Park. But before that don’t forget to come by Freedom Monument which is the most beautiful statue and square in the city.

In the Old Town, most of buildings had been destroyed during World War II and re-built again. You may still see the effects of Swedish, German and Russian cultures on the city in all sense. Latvia was associated state of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics after 1991 it gained its independence.

The oldest buildings in the Old Town are The Three Brothers, St. Peter’s church, St Jacob’s cathedral and the Cats’ House.

Towards evening if you start to feel hungry you have many options to taste. Here is the some famous restaurants to enjoy a good food.

Steiku Haoss where you may taste delicious stakes in Old Town,  K|I|D restaurant, Tea & Coffee Garden, Bon Vivant (Belgian Beer Cafe), Buenavista Cuban, GU French Restaurant, International SV Cross culture tastes, Irlbacher German style to eat and drink, Vincents, Spicy Affair spicy Asian foods, Lido Atputas Centrs (Lido Recreation Centre) one of the biggest restaurant in Riga with 1000 customer capacity. If you want to go there by public transportation you should take bus number 3, 7, 9 or 12. Riga Fish taste the fish from Baltic sea with Latvian style. Caihana Sato and Navat Club Uzbek restaurants.

In the night release yourself to the crazy Riga nights If you want to see more information about Riga Night Life you can check,Night Clubs in RigaDisco Bars in RigaCoctail Bars in RigaStriptease shows in RigaErotic Massage in RigaEscort service in Riga. Waking up to a lovely Riga morning after crazy party night take a walk around historical places in Riga. You can start with Art Nouveau district where you can see the largest Art Nouveau buildings. Later you can continue on the Alberta and Elizabetes streets.

Towards noon take a nice snack with fresh air in Brown Sugar or Double Coffee.

Now its time to ahead to Latvian National Museum of Art and Museum of the Occupation in the Old Town the War Museum, a recently renovated Art Museum at the Bourse.

If you want to see the city in the bird’s eyes you should go up to the St. Peter’s Church. The city will be under your feet with its all beauty. To be continued…

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