Transportation types

  • Direct Flights to Riga

Getting to town from the airport:

The Riga Airport (Lidosta) is located 13 km away from the Riga city center and 10 km away from Jurmala. You may visit the welcome center in arrivals for information. In the airport, there are bank and 24 hour baggage room which costs 1 LVL for half day. Moreover, there is currency exchange service as well.

There is a different arrival terminal which is located on north part of the airport if you are coming from a country which is not schengen country.

At the outside the arrivals, there are lots of taxi waiting for you. A taxi normally costs around 10 LVL. It would be good to make sure and talk about your destination and price with driver.

The shuttle bus drives you through 10 different ocation in the city it cousts you 3 LVL for 30 minutes. Bus number 22 (departes from the airport every 20 min.) is another option for going to the city, you can get off at the Stockmann shopping center or 11. Novembra street. It costs 0,70 LVL (1 €). If you have big luggage better to take shuttle bus instead of bus number 22.

  • Train


Train communications link Riga with Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Vilnius, Minsk, Gomel, Voronezh, Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Simferopol, Adler, Rostov-na-Donu and Warsaw.

An overnight trip by train either to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg guarantees comfort. There are snacks and beverages on tables in compartments (one pays for those if consumed), but the spring water, tea and breakfast package is for free. The restaurant-on-wheels serves a la carte dinner. The borders and customs control takes about one hour and a half and is usually the matter of formality. A train fare is about 50 Euro and is more expensive than a bus ticket to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. There are also passenger coaches with seats along the sides and cosequently the fare is almost equal to a bus ticket.

One would find himself / herself already in Downtown upon arrival to Riga Railway Station. The only railway station situated in the center of the city within five minutes walking from the Old Town.

The passenger terminal had been totally refurbished by2002 and presents nowadays a modern shopping passage with numerous restaurants, coffee bars. One shall find a luggage storage at the underground level, while the info center, booking offices, bank offices, currency exchange points are on the ground floor.

  • Taxi

Taking a taxi cab to Downtown Riga makes your wallet 8-10 Lats less (about 11-14 Euro). Approximately it takes 15 min.

Taxi stop is right by the railway station’s main entrance. The taxi cabs run on counters, however one has to alert for not being cheated. (Learn nore of the drivers tricks“Money, transport, communication”.

Just opposite the railway station across the Satekles street, there is a central minivan taxi point. The minvans reach almost any corner in Riga and Jurmala (the fare varies from 0,20 – 0,40 Ls or between 0,30 to 0,60 Euro).

Provided the jorney doesn’t stop in Riga or in the vicinity but goes indepth Latvia, the services of intercity trains and / or buses would be handy. The Intercity Bus Station is five minutes walking distance from the Central Railway Station.

  • Bus

You can get almost everywhere in Europe by bus from Riga. The bus routes connect Latvia with Belgium, Holland, France, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Riga Bus Station is situated in the center of the city, few minutes walking to the railway station and the same close to the Old Town.

The Riga busterminal is open between 05:00 – 24:00. You may find Ecolines and LuxExpress offices and also ATM, internet, waiting room, bar, cafeteria, currency exchange, information center, pharmacy, baggage room which cost 0,40 – 1 LVL for first and 0,20 LVL for additional hours, e-talons (public transportation) tickets and offices at the outside as well.

Getting to town from the bus terminal:

You may take tram no 7 and 9 which is going to downtown from the bus terminal. The ticket price costs 0,70 LVL (1 €). Or you may take a cab.

More information at Riga Bus Station website


  • Car

Driving a car in Latvia is easy having a driver’s license which meets the international requirements.

When crossing the Latvian border, one has to buy a mandatory civil responsibility insurance policy. In case of an accident, you are entitled to compensation from the insurance company.

Remember to turn on the daylight headlights immediately upon crossing the Latvian border. This is a must for the daylight headlights to be turned on always while driving. There is  penalty for negligence or disregard of this rule.

Once you stopped by the police, don’t leave your car for it is forbidden. Enjoy the view of the policeman heading over to you and bending to reach the window – you will be asked to leave the car if necessary. The speed limit in urban areas is just 50 km/h (60 is still OK, but 61 already pulls you into trouble).

The alcohol maximum is 0,5 ‰ (app. One bottle of beer), the rules are very restricted and violation above are not tolerated by authorities.

  • Rent a Car

If you wish to have a car to have take trip with freedom Riga Holidays also offer affordable cars in all conditions for rent. Your car will be waiting for you in the airport!

  • Ferry

Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja have ferry connection with other countries.

The following ferry lines are available:







The ferry terminal and yacht harbour lie less than 1km north of Old Riga. A bank machine and café (09:00 – 18:30) are available as well as a Tallink ticket office and a souvenir/alcohol shop.

Getting to town from the ferry terminal: 

The ferry terminal is within the city borders but one still need about 15-20 minutes to reach the downtown of Riga by trams No. 5,7 and 9.