We offer comfortable, exclusive accommodation and holiday experience with fair price in Riga, Latvia!

Riga Holidays provides consultation service and accommodation solutions for tourists, tenants and property owners.

Our property database is getting bigger day by day. Owners and companies joining us every week, our website is going from strength to strength. Our aim is to become one of the top independent holiday websites in the market offering some of the finest accommodation to book direct. From the beginning and still to this day, is to bring together some of the finest holiday apartment and homes available to offer holidaymakers looking for that something a little special.


For tourists,

Riga Holidays helps to find out essential information and consultancy from your arriving till you leave about place to see such as restaurants, bars, clubs, relaxation, museums, daily activities, special parties and many others…

More importantly, affordable and luxury vacation homes and flats for every taste!

For tenants,

If you want to stay in Riga for long term, Riga Holidays also offers many kinds of flats for long term rent and for sale. With our large scale database we will help you to find right place to live.

For property owners,

If you have flat in Riga, we can help you to rent or sell it out quickly by our broad access to the customers. If you are a private owner or company looking to generate more bookings for your vacation home, why not contact us today.

Language options:

Riga Holidays provides you support service in 5 languages (English, Italian, Russian, Latvian, Turkish) with our professional multilingual customer service team. You may get in touch with us by e-mail, phone, chat with support representative and also you can book the property that you wish online!